How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account ID

Recover Disable Facebook Account ID: Many on the Facebook Disable their Facebook Account ID because of many reasons. Again they want to Recover their Disabled Facebook Account. Here in this Article we will Explain you Step by Step of How to Recover the Disabled Facebook Account ID.

Recover Disable Facebook Account ID

To Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account ID, You need to Fill Appeal – ID Request Form given by Facebook and after Submitting it You have to wait for Some Days to Get Back Your Account. Follow this Aritlce to get Back Your Disabled Facebook Account Safely.

Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Nowadays many are maintaining Fake Facebook Profiles. Some are posting Vulgarity Photos, Video through their ID’s. As we all know the number of Female Facebook IDs are more than the Population. That means lot of Fake Facebook Profiles are being Created Everyday.

Some Posts are leading to Violence and Disturbances. To Control all these Situations, Facebook is Disabling those Accounts. The one who’s account got Disable are searching for a method to Recover it.

Once Your Account Gets Disabled then it is very har to recover. Some times it is almost impossible to get your Disabled Facebook account back. We have Search a lot on the Internet to get Disable Facebook Accounts back and at last we have come up with some tricks and methods. Follow these methods to get your Disabled Facebook Account Back.

How To Open Disabled Facebook Account 

Some People keep their Valuable Pics in their Facebook Account and those get Disabled because of Various reasons. Because of Disabling, they might not get their Valuable Photos back. But by Some tricks and methods you can Get you disabled Facebook Account back and it may take around 7 – 8 working Days to Open Your Disabled Facebook Account.

Some Reasons Which Temporarily Disable Your Account:

  • Using Fake Info in profile
  • Violating Facebook Policies
  • Posting anything which is against FB Policies
  • Posting Adult Content
  • Using Stylish FB Profile Names

Huge Number of Reports to your facebook account also makes your Account gets Disabled.

Recover Disabled FB Account 2021

Below we have given you the latest Working Trick to Enable your Disabled Facebook Account. Follow the Given Steps and Get back Your Account.

  1. Click on the Given Link Below

Appeal Disabled Facebook ID

2. Enter email-id and Full Name same as your disabled Facebook account And Upload Valid original Govt. ID Proof with same Name & DOB on it.

Examples of Govt. ID Proof

  • Green Card
  • Residence Permit/Immigration Papers
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter ID Card
  • Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Official Name Change Paperwork

If You are Below 18 then Below ones are enough

  • Credit card
  • Utility bill
  • School or work ID
  • Library card
  • Check
  • Bus card

3. Write some thing about You Account on the Additional Info Box. Request them to Enable your account and Click Send Button.

4. You’ll get reply from Facebook within 3-4 Days.

5. To Know latest Updates about your Account, Keep Checking Your Email Id.

Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form

In this Article we have Explained you Step by step Process of How to fill Facebook Form to Enable Your Disabled Facebook Account. You can Recover Your Disabled ID by Submitting the Below form. You have to follow the Same steps which you have followed above. Below we have given you the Link of the form also.

Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form

Recover Disable Facebook Account ID

Note: If Your Facebook Account has been Disabled for Violation any Facebook Norms, then You no need to Upload any Govt ID Proof while Submitting Your Form.

Conclusion: Be Carefull and See that You are Posting as Per Facebook Norms, Rules and Guidelines. Or Else Your Account may get Disable at any time. Don’t Keep valuable Photos in your Facebook ID as it may can’t get back, Once Your ID gets Disabled. To get Your Disabled Account back, Follow the above given Steps.

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